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Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to wholesalers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer. The retailers make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

Join Us Today For Only 199.99 (membership fee) per year --------


1, You will get our wholesale price and no minimum is required.  This means that even if you order ONE ITEM you will get the Wholesale Price (not Retail Price).

2, Free to use loveloglong.com pictures. So you can just download our pictures and upload on your website or such as Ebay, Yahoo, Amazon online shopping site.

3, We ship the order directly to your customer with your business name on the invoice,  your customer will never know the order is shipped by anyone but you.

Feel confidence to us.

Here are the  most FAQ about drop shipping program.

Q: Do you ship items with your name on the packaging or can you ship with my logo and no reference to your company? 
A: We ship items with your name on the invoice, but not with your special company logo.

Q: Do you ship from overseas or within the U.S.A? 
A: All the packages ship from China.The company is headquartered in the United States.Our factory is located in Shanghai, China.

Q: What is the average delivery time? 
A: We have 2 shipping choices, 1, EMS express (The shipping cost up $17.00 ), it take 4-7 business days to receive. 2, Regular air mail (the shipping cost up $4.00), it take 2-3 weeks to receive. Depends on your customers the choice of transportation requirements

Q: What are the shipping costs to the USA? If you could give me costs for a few different package weights, that would be appreciated .
A: For single item order, the regular air mail shipping charge is $4.00-$8.00, it depends on the weight of the order. We usually suggest drop ship member to charge $6.00 for the first item and $3.00 add on each additional item. As soon as the shipping adds up to $17.00, we will ship by EMS, which is the first way mentioned. 

Q: What carriers do you use?
A: We ship by regular postal office.

Q: Do you ship orders same day, next day, etc.? 
A: We ship the orders within 1-2 bunisess day. 

Q: What level of inventory do you have on hand, and what is the method of notification for low stock / out of stock items 
A: We have mostly items in stock at a very high level, except the items in category "clearance". Sorry, we do not inform low stock or out of stock items.

Q: What is the percentage of suggested retail that you charge to your drop ship clients? 
A: We will suggest you offer a slightly higher price than our retail price at your site. 

Q: What is your returned policy? 
A: Return is accept within 30 days of receipt. We are the liable for any damaged or defective items. But not for size exchange. Drop ship order could be returned back to our factory in Shanghai China to ask for size exchange. but your customer must pay the return postage for the items returned and you will be re-billed the re-shipping charge. you can have your customer returned items to your place also.

Q: Is there a restocking charge? If so, what is the charge? 
A: For items returned within 30 days,unused and unworn, there will be no restocking fee.

Q: How would you like to receive payment for merchandise? 
A: We accept credit card (visa, master, amex), paypal on the webiste. Payment is due as soon as you submit your drop ship order on the website. 

Q: Could I purchase a sample item before signing on, to check quality and shipping? 
A: If you would like to test a Drop Ship order, you have to join the Drop Ship program first. if you would like to order a sample to check the quality of the goods. you can order as retail.


Q: I buy the Drop shipping Membership,but when I order,the price is still retail price,why? 
A: If you order the Drop shipping Membership,it need activated by us. when we received your payment for the Drop shipping, we will activate it, you can order our merchandise as wholesale price.

      Contact us with any questions.

  International 86-13801708241
  E-mail: info@lovelonglong.com
(7X24 hours)


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